Caleb Krile
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This memorial website was created in the memory of  Caleb Lee Krile, born April 5th 1990 and went on to finish his journey with the Lord on October 7th 2004.

Caleb attended Eddyville School and was currently in the 9th grade. He had participated in baseball, football and wrestling in school; presently he enjoyed riding and working on his dirt bike, roller skating, skate boarding, playing Nintendo and hanging out with friends.

Caleb always thought of others and was kind sweet and considerate. He 
is loved and missed by all.
Caleb's mom is Rhonda and an older sister, Harmony.

If you have pictures you'd like to add, please contact Sam Kendell or Brenda Lewis and we'd be glad to put them on.

Caleb was killed October 7th 2004 @ the age of 14 when he and his best friend Taylor Lewis were hit by a wreckless car while bike riding. 
Taylor's link is 
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Tributes and Condolences
hi  / Tristin 'motto' Delaney (like family )
hi caleb I dident know you much but I did think of you as much as taylor :) You were the best and always tuck togetther with tay tay Thank you for everything you did for me you keep tay tay in my heart
Thinking of you...   / Terry
Dear Samantha I am holding you close with thoughts of Caleb as April 23rd draws near. I am glad you and Brenda have one another for support. Truly a blessing.
With love Terry
Missing you   / Brenda Lewis (my sons best friend )
Caleb, no matter how I try , I know these words I write can never explain how much I love and miss you. You were family to me and Taylor. Always so respectful, loved your mom so much. You and your mom had a relationship like me and Taylor did. Closer...  Continue >>
Family of Caleb   / Kathryn Hemminger (none)
My thoughts and prayers will always be with you and your family. Randy may you find the peace that you are looking for, remember that Caleb will always live in your heart. No one can ever take his memory from you. May you find the peace and comfort t...  Continue >>
CALEB ANNIVERSARY   / Carol Carico (none)
Holding you close in thoughts and prayers as we remember your Precious Angel Caleb on his heavenly anniversary. Pray the day goes peacefully for you and you receive many signs from your angel. A candle will burn in memory of your angel. Love & Hu...  Continue >>
Thinking of you Caleb on your Angelversary  / Jenny Tavendale Mum To Ross     Read >>
Thank you for changing my life.  / Shane Obrien (witness)    Read >>
Happy Birthday Caleb  / Carol Carico (No)    Read >>
Happy 18th Birthday Caleb  / Denise Kneale (connected by angels )    Read >>
Happy Birthday Caleb  / Jenny Tavendale Mum To Ross     Read >>
Thinking of You  / Janeane Bricker Brandons Mom (Another Sad Mother )    Read >>
In Memory Precious of Caleb  / Rose ,Angel Leo McPhee Mom     Read >>
"HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY"  / Johnette Moninger (Angle Friend )    Read >>
Heavenly Valentine's Day Caleb!  / Dawn, Stepmom Of Alexis Farmer     Read >>
"MERRY CHIRSTMAS"  / Johnette Moninger (Friend)    Read >>
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His legacy
The type of person Caleb was  
Caleb was very easy to get along with. He was always there to help you out, even if he didn't know you. Caleb loved to make people laugh with jokes and acting silly. He had many friends. He was a smart kid and knew how to do  many things.
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